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Sudip Parajuli

Why Website is needed for your Business?

A website is an identity for a business. If you own a business, you might have a advertisement board at least on front of your business. The more exposure, more the business will grow. We all believe on this. And yes, this actually works for every growing business. Lets talk about different way of exposure globally. 

Everyone is using internet to search for the thing they need. Your business might be the one to be found on the internet, so that you'll get better customer flow. So website is among the best ways to increase your customers and business status. 


Why you need website for you growing business?


  1. A website makes your existence on this digital world.
    Your advertisement board on the front of your business is for the people walking by. A website is similar but for the digital world. Everyone from the world can search about your business through the internet.

  2. A website makes you look professional.

    Having a website makes your business credible rather than companies/business with only social profiles like Facebook pages.

  3. Your website can act as showcase for your products and services.

    You can clearly display your products and services on the website. If your business is based on products, you can show high quality and professional pictures of the products to customers including information of each product. For service business, you can clearly state the types of your services.

  4. Website can attract potential customer globally.
    Website can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We usually use google search to seek any service or product. Search engines like google shows result based on the information and content written on the website. So the potential customer can reach to your website for the service globally .

  5. Customer can contact you through contact form.
    A website usually contains contact form for feedback and/or quotation. This could be taken as inquiry form or feedback from the customer visiting the website.

  6. Display reviews and testimonials.

    We generally believe what many others believe. Better reviews from customers shown on website will be helpful to grow your business.

  7. Locate your business on google map.
    Visitor on your website can view your location through embedded google map. A website lets you embed maps directly into your content. 


So, the final verdict. Having a website is like cherry on top for your business. Your business can get exposure on this digital era. Let the world know you exist.

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